SESMT – Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine Specialized Service

Aiming at more convenience for the employees, the company has an occupational physician working on its premises. Said doctor makes examinations as provided for in the PCMSO – Occupational Health Medical Control Program.

The safety of employees during their activities is a top priority. So, the company prepares occupational procedures and instructions, trains its employees and requires the compliance with the actions recommended.

TECNOSULFUR supplies the personal protection equipment required for each operation, instructs its employees to wear them and demand the employees to wear them, for the purpose of protecting the health and the physical integrity of its greatest asset: human beings.

The company presents the DSSSM – Weekly Talk on Safety, Health and Environment in order to make them understand that awareness through knowledge is important to prevent accidents and diseases, where topics on health, safety and environment are discussed.


The Internal Committee on Accident Prevention members are trained and qualified to develop their activities together with the SESMT. All of them are released for two hours a week to make inspections on the worksite or attend group meetings.

TECNOSULFUR understands CIPA is one of the most efficient mechanisms to eliminate occupational accident risks and, consequently, to cause the well-being of employees. The company is always committed to strengthening it and making it more active.

GARE – Emergency Service and Response Group

The company has a fire brigade trained and qualified to prevent and fight fires, make evacuations, first aids and emergency care through the transportation of products.

Drills and simulated evacuations are performed involving all the persons on the company’s premises from time to time.

We are also associated with a company specialized in chemical emergencies, which has several support bases in Brazil and in South America. It is in charge of giving support in case of accidents involving our products.