Tecnosulfur Becomes Refratechnik Steel's Ambassador In Brazil


Tecnosulfur S.A. and Refratechnik Steel announced on 04/01/20 the beginning of a partnership in Brazil to expand their portfolio of solutions for the steel industry.

With 30 years of experience in the market, Tecnosulfur is a leader in solutions and technology for the treatment of liquid metals in the steel industry through products such as desulfurizing agents, de-phosphorants, sintered products, fluxing agents and cover powders; as well as specialized equipment and services. With annual sales exceeding R $ 100 million, Tecnosulfur has also just implemented the Lean Manufacturing model at its unit in Sete Lagoas-MG.

Present on the six continents and more than 25 countries, the German Refratechnik celebrates its 70th anniversary, acting in several segments, from fertilizers to civil construction. Through its subsidiary Refratechnick Steel the company expects to increase its presence in the Brazilian territory, having Tecnosulfur as a commercial agent for its refractories' line, mainly carbon-magnesium base for LF, BOF and EAF, and its high-tech product Macarbon. ©

The companies haven't disclosed the preliminary projections for the synergies, sales increase and market share, but reinforced the long-term mutual commitment.

According to Marko Uhlig, Tecnosulfur's CCO, the company continues to "believe in the Brazilian economy and in the steel industry as one of the pillars of growth and sustaining the world economy. In this sense, despite being experiencing a unique moment of social isolation and measures of contingency, we continue our focus on building bridges for the future, while maintaining the health of our people as a priority".

The company took the opportunity to reinforce the actions that has taken to keep the supply chain productivity running, while preventing the spread of the virus. "We have been working at an accelerated pace to make our communication as clear as possible, we have encouraged remote work to those who can, and we have made an external channel available for contributions from society," said Karen Kiel, Tecnosulfur's Human Resources Manager. The channel to which Karen refers is the direct e-mail with the Crisis Management Committee of Tecnosulfur: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Source: Tecnosulfur S.A. press release

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