In a scenario of scarcity and impoverishment of some ores, ferroalloy manufacturers are present in an environment where raw materials do not have the purity desired. As result, the manufacturing processes have been dealing with more and more contaminants. On the other hand, steelmaking, which is the largest client of the ferroalloy chain, is increasingly requiring the absence of these undesirable elements.


With the purpose of serving the refining processes of ferroalloys, TECNOSULFUR offers a full line of products, including desulfurization agents for application in ladles by means of deep injects and synthetic slags which remove contaminants. The products are manufactured on a customized basis to perform in accordance with the requirements of each process, with several compositions.

In addition to its recognized quality, TECNOSULFUR provides its clients with enhanced products which comprehend a precise technical diagnosis, follow-up of the application by specialized technicians and after-sale services, what ensures customer satisfaction.


TECNOSULFUR solutions include desulfurization agents utilized to remove sulfur from the metal, which are applied by means of deep injection in torpedo cars or ladles through refractory spears and carrier gas, as well as a line of synthetic slags which remove undesirable elements (S, P. nonmetallic inclusions) and prevent hydrogen pick-up. We mention the following main advantages: lower specific consumption, high rates of desulfurization, high treatment speed and low cost per treated ton.


  • Removal of sulfur at extremely low levels, what allows for the manufacture of special steels;
  • Desulfurization rates over 90%;
  • Specific consumptions reduced according to each process;
  • Tailor-made treatment time for each process.