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TECNOSULFUR proudly invests and takes part in initiatives towards the building of a better, fairer, more dignified society.

  • Young Apprentice Program
    Established by Decree Law 8622 of January 10, 1946 and updated by Law 5598 of December 1, 2005, the Commercial Learning Act (Young Apprentice Program) has as purpose to lead to social and professional inclusion, by offering technical/professional education to students from 14 to 24 years old, in compliance with the law.

    TECNOSULFUR takes part in this program and has five (05) apprentices, who attend regular classes at SENAI and receive monthly allowance, transportation stipend, as well as every labor right under the rules of the Ministry of Labor.

  • Support to social projects
    Our participation and support to community is not limited to generating jobs and paying for taxes. We conduct, promote and are partners in projects with social, educational and environment significance for the community of which we are part.

    We invest in the continuity of projects developed by APAE in Sete Lagoas
    The Association of Parents and Friends of the Disabled – APAE, founded on September 11, 1970, is a philanthropic, nonprofit entity, specialized in the Rehabilitation and Special Education of mentally-challenged persons, it serves students ranging from 0 to indeterminate ages. It offers the following fields of expertise in Rehabilitation: Neurology- Pediatrics – Orthopedics – Otorhinolaryngology – Gastroenterology – Endocrinology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Speech & Hearing Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pedagogy, as well as Social Work.

    We sponsor the “Young Journalists” workshop of SERPAF in Sete Lagoas
    The Service for Support of the Minor and Families – SERPAF is an institution established in1968 in Sete Lagoas/MG by Helena Rodrigues Branco, a person with a great strategy and advanced vision. As early as in the seventies, she advocated the idea of social intervention in socially, morally weakened families on an innovative manner–not only concerning children and adolescents. The involvement of the family as a whole continues to be SERPAF cornerstone, since the work must be diversified not only for children, but also for mothers, fathers and relatives of such children, adolescents and young persons. This is how SERPAF believes it can effectively contribute to benefit the life of the entire community and, accordingly, the life of our city.

  • “Kindness Project”: a volunteer program
    Within the concept of social responsibility, volunteer programs are increasingly active inside the companies. After all, they are no longer isolated actions through donations of money and turn into a permanent practice involving all the organization employees.

    With this in mind, TECNOSULFUR created the “Kindness Project”, a volunteer program formed by employees, with the purpose of increasing the well-being of the old and the children in Sete Lagoas. We chose this name because we believe kindness is much more than saying “thank you very much”, “excuse me”, “please” and following etiquette rules. We all have to be polite, but kindness is a trait related to character, values and ethics. Above all, it has to do with the desire of contributing to a more humane world. In other words, in order to become kinder, everyone must reflect on how they have been treating themselves, other persons and the world.

  • Cooperation Programs
    With the support of CIPA (Internal Committee on Accident Prevention), in-house assistance campaigns gather the employees the donate blood and bone marrow, and adoption of Christmas letters from low-income children.


TECNOSULFUR guarantees its commitment towards high-quality manufacturing operations, with environmental preservation.

The waste resulting from our processes are fully recycled, reused and/or disposed of as set forth in the law.

Special packages and vehicles allow for the products to reach customers without causing environmental risks during transportation and handling.

Environmental Actions

  • Installation of efficient dedusting systems;
  • Implementation of tree-planting projects in our industrial park;
  • Installation of a sewage treatment system via biodigestor with reuse of the water at the manufacturing process;
  • Installation of separation boxes of water and oil for the pressure washer and fueling of mobile machines, respectively;
  • Building of a cascade (a waterfall system to hold residual debris dragged by rainwater);
  • Support to the environmental education program;
  • Ecological treks involving all the employees, with the purpose of enhancing environmental consciousness;
  • Periodical analysis of the emission of particulates;
  • Periodical analysis of sanitary effluents and water/oil separation boxes;
  • Analysis of the sound perception around the plant and in near neighborhoods;
  • Legal reservation: Tecnosulfur has a 20,000 sq. marea in Sete Lagoas, in the Paraopeba River basin, intended for biodiversity preservation.