TECNOSULFUR began its activities in 1990 in Sete Lagoas (city in Minas Gerais, Brazil), bringing solutions and technology for the treatment of liquid metals in steelmaking, foundries and ferroalloys. We operate in the supply of inputs, equipment and specialized services and we are proud to say that we are pioneers in this segment and have achieved leadership in the national market.

In December 2009, the SKW Stahl-Metallurgie Holding AG Group positively joined TECNOSULFUR shareholders, bringing international corporate experience in the development, production and sales of inputs and equipment for the treatment of liquid metal. With this union, we broadened our portfolio of products and services, expanded our area of activity and became a globally recognized brand.

In October 2019, we underwent another important transformation with the arrival of the Opta Group to TECNOSULFUR shareholders. The Opta Group is present on several continents, offering a diversified portfolio to meet a multitude of steelmaking and metallurgy needs in general.

Demonstrating its commitment to the quality and environmental management, Tecnosulfur achieved certifications in the ISO 9001 (2004) and ISO 14001 (2023) standards, in addition to the GPTW (2023) seal – Great Place to Work – reflecting a positive work and valuing of employees’ environment.

With an eye towards the ESG agenda and a concern for the society and environment in which it operates, TECNOSULFUR seeks the innovation of its products and improvement of its services on the day-to-day of the company. All of this is done responsibly, contributing to the growth of the community and maintaining its commitment to the preservation of the environment.


To be recognized as the leading company in offering specialized solutions for the treatment of liquid metals, with innovative practices and operational excellence, adding value to our industrial chain.


As part of a global group, consolidate leadership in the South American market through innovative solutions in products and services, creating value for stakeholders with governance and sustainability.


  • Respect:  Respect people, the environment and the relationships built throughout history.
  • Ethics:  Act in all relationships in a responsible and transparent manner.
  • Sustainability:  Search for renewable energy sources, stimulate the circular economy and ensure the prosperity of the business while respecting the socio-environmental aspect
  • People: Promote Diversity and Inclusion and invest in people so that they evolve and walk together towards the company’s vision.
  • Balance: Combine behavior and competence, speech and practice, knowing and doing.
  • Innovation:  Promote a creative environment that optimizes our resources, modernizes our processes and brings results beyond expectations
  • Safe work: Provide a physically and mentally safe environment for the prosperity of our employees.
  • Customer orientation: Maintain customer relationships through innovative and long-lasting solutions, adding value to the chain7



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