Tecnosulfur is a company committed to sustainability and the best ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices. Our ESG efforts reflect our commitment to promoting a sustainable future for current and next generations.


Tecnosulfur is a company committed to social responsibility in the context of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Our social-oriented actions include:

  • Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Work in the local community through community actions in philanthropic institutions;
  • Established and active Social Responsibility Council and Volunteer Group;
  • Care for the well-being and health of our collaborators, offering programs dedicated to these aspects;
  • Investment in professional development programs to boost the growth and fulfillment of our collaborators.

These efforts have been recognized with the achievement of the GPTW (Great Place To Work) seal, reflecting the quality of the work environment we have built.



It aims to open multiple fronts of action, making TECNOSULFUR S/A an organization recognized for its commitment to the society, for promoting citizenship, justice and social transformation. Through the Volunteer Program, the company promotes actions in partnership with institutions that support the causes: early childhood and childhood education; youth and vocational education; third age; people with disabilities; health and minority groups; anti-drug programs.


It aims to sponsor tax incentive projects in the areas of culture, sports, third age, childhood and adolescence to boost Tecnosulfur Social Responsibility governance and bring the company closer to the community.


It aims to promote actions that enhance the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN, with actions proposed by the volunteering and with an emphasis on our local community.

For more information, contact Tecnosulfur S/A Social Responsibility council:



Environmental protection and concern are Tecnosulfur values. Each year the company seeks to invest more in clean and renewable technologies, reduce its atmospheric emissions, apply zero carbon actions and promote environmental awareness. For Tecnosulfur, the balance between economic development, environmental preservation and responsibility for a more sustainable future are fundamental. Some activities focused on this pillar are:
  • 100% of renewable sources for electrical energy generation. In 2022, the company reduced the emission of 242 tCO2 equivalent of greenhouse gases (GHG);
  • Own treatment station and reuse of treated effluent within the process. This way, there is no discharge into water bodies;
  • Technological dust removal systems in operation, aiming to reduce atmospheric emissions;
  • 100% of environmental legislation followed, with valid documentation and licenses;
Tecnosulfur is licensed to receive waste and dispose of it correctly in its industrial process. Therefore, several of our raw materials are waste at our suppliers. For these and other diverse actions and for its commitment to transparency and constant evolution in the area of the environment, Tecnosulfur is certified ISO 14001.


Governance is a set of practices and structures that aim to ensure the transparency, responsibility and sustainability of an organization business. These practices aim to protect shareholders’ interests, promote business ethics and improve the company performance.

Below are important pillars inserted in the company:

  • High administration commitment
  • Development of policies and guidelines
  • Governance structure
  • Communication and information
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement

All Governance actions at Tecnosulfur are in favor of transparency, risk management and company control, valuing excellence in administration, making its processes more efficient and profitable and enabling good environmental and social practices.

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