Mixed Synthetic Slag

Tecnosulfur mixed synthetic slags are ideal solutions for metal refining in the steelmaking. Developed with expertise and advanced technology, these slags offer significant benefits, such as the reduction of the impurity content, the removal of sulfur and the improvement in the quality of the metal produced. Combining different raw materials strategically and with well-defined granulometry, these slags guarantee precise and controlled refining, improving the quality of the metal produced. This product is highly efficient and affordable and brings a series of benefits when used in steel production. Although it may seem like a simple solution, its contribution to improving steel quality is remarkable. The use of Tecnosulfur mixed slag allows optimizing the production process, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Its balanced composition and appropriate chemical properties guarantee a positive interaction with the steel components, resulting in high quality steel. Count on Tecnosulfur to obtain high-performance mixed synthetic slag for your process.

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